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PC Assembly, Backup, and Recovery
Duration 3 hours, cost $30. Building PC from parts. This course describes the major components that make up a desktop PC. What to buy, where to buy, how to assemble, ways of doing backups, recovery procedures are covered through hands-on activities. If you already purchased computer parts, we will assemble your PC instead of using a demo PC.

Microsoft Excel & Access
Duration 4 hours, cost $40. This course covers basics of Excel & Access through practical exercises. Students will walk away with confidence that they can learn more on their own after the class.

Linux & OpenOffice
Duration 3 hours, cost $30. Linux operating system is getting popular and being used by corporate environment as well as home use. This course covers installation, configuration, and frequently used Linux/UNIX commands.

Dual Boot PC
Duration 3 hours, cost $30. A computer can run more than one operating system. For example, Windows in English and Windows in Chinese. Likewise, Windows and Linux. This course illustrates different ways of making your computer a dual-boot system.

Intro to CISCO Routers, CCNA
Duration 4 hours, cost $40. This jump start course covers computer networking methods used by small business or home use. Configuring Cisco routers end-to-end is included as one of hands-on activities. Students will walk away with the knowledge allowing for the continuation of self-study towards CCNA certification.

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